Thursday, May 25, 2006


broke the damn duck =D

Saturday, January 07, 2006

What to do?

can all of you sweet peps gimme some idea on how to celebrate the all and important 21st birthday of mine... hmmm... i think it is the 18th birthday sorry. Yea gimme a couple of ideas! i'm pratically pulling my hair thinking of wht to do! thank you very much!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

you could have it so much better

Here are my whinnings abt my army shit again.

1. Posted to Changi Defence Squadron in Changi Naval Base(super shitty place).

2. We are called the Sea Soldiers( Totally Lame).

3. Course starting only after next week so all day we do 'Sai Kang'...literally translate meaning shit jobs.

4. Some of the shit jobs we did - moving office, which means shifting all the cupboards...chairs all that crap. Painting the whole auditorium.

5. If we are not needed for the 'Sai Kang', we will be waiting in the bunk for out food... and basically we sleep, read FHM, Maxim and Men's Health over and over again.

6. We are forced to cut botak again. DAMN.

Noting that our base is in Changi, we cut botak and all we do now is shit jobs... make u guys think of something? yes we all feel like prisoners more than soldiers. fuck the sea soldiers.

Ok, booked out today, went to town. Kanna sway. Firstly i bought a cd at HMV and the moment i stepped out... the alarm sounded off. Everybody was staring at me. Freaking machine.

old old wanna sleep security guard came forward looked at my receipt and let me off, while walking off i found out i dropped my wallet. Damn. Walked back one guy picked it up and returned it to me. Phew.

On the way home, almost crashed into another car... it was like WTF... did not know whose fault, lucky never 'langar'... partly my fault la i on the phone, but i kept to my lane.

Damn wht a sucky moment of my life now.

Fact about my platoon - almost 3/4 of us have mild color blindness. cool.

somebody save me.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Break the Duck

wah liew... ok feeling abit beng now. After reading chelle's entry, i find that she is an ultimate picky & illogical girl who looks for ..let's put it as unique traits for a guy. I mean as long as the guy likes him and she likes the guy can liao wht... i mean just look at Zhigao and Doris, i really envy Zhigao... his perserverance paid off and they seem to be in fairy land. After reading the previous sentence i felt as if i wrote something bad abt zhigao... hmmm...nvm nvm... after crapping so much... the purpose of this entry is actually to tell u guys abt wht i look in a girl.

1. Looks - see liao 'Song' can already.
2. Body - something like... aiyah not too papaya not too air port runway... gam gam ho can liao.
3. Financial Status - from a ok to do family so when we eat out can go dutch and she can even pay for my share.
4. Dress Sense - jeans, tees, sneakers... i like it simple.
5. Plus point - If she drives i will marry her straight... driving is stressful u know.

So my dear readers... whom i believe is only chelle and neeta... if u gals have friends who fit my description... inform me straight away! i will buy u guys something!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

"same old shit again..."

I passed out from Sispec 37th BSLC yesterday, was feeling normal and definetly not as hysterical as Pop in BMTC. I was just contented that i finally got to go home.

We got our new postings and i go posted to Changi Naval Base! as part of a Defence Squadron. Time to relak one corner in my army life muahaha! no more outfield trainings, no more stays in the jungle and of cos those little flying mutha fucking blood suckers! hooray! but wait..."sound of screeching tyre"... telling myself to wake up, it's Changi Naval Base! it's like at the other end of Singapore from where i stay... well wth... life's liketa... you gain some you lose some.

I'm surely gonna miss my friends over at Sispecs... the smoking buddies... oh boy... it's like repeating all over again... making new friends and getting to know them... i hate this kinda feeling as i am too lazy for all the shit to get to know someone new. I hate changes. Well too bad in life we're bound to meet people almost everyday... i still got my working life to worry about... just hoping that i don't meet fucked up people.